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Monday, February 23, 2015

Lovely Lacy Letters

For my wedding I decided to get crafty and save some mula! $$ I created a number of various DIY  projects for my big day, some of which I will be sharing on my blog in the near future. 

One project in particular I wanted to go ahead and share right away because it was SO EASY yet turned out so cute!

Here it is on display at my wedding on the heritage table. I decided to dedicate a table to display the photos of both my parents and his parents along with both sets of our grandparents on their wedding day. We are blessed that both generations on both sides have had long lasting marriages. 

So, how do you make a lacy letter? Well put on your crafty hat and head to your favorite craft store. Find the popular monogram aisle and grab the letter you need. I'm a Walker now so I chose the W. I'm also partial to W himself {George W. Bush} so I just love this letter :) Probably lost some followers on that one! 

Now of course you are going to want to paint your letter?? I really like the color green and wanted to accent the greenery in the flowers at my wedding so I searched for a mint colored green among the craft paint. 

It was kind of tough to find the perfect color among the many Martha Stewart craft paints, but I did!

Drum roll please.......Say hello to the color Pea Shoot. 

It's a great minty green color and a small amount goes a loooong way! 
You'll want to make sure to get the Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic craft paint bottle.

Before you leave the craft store head to the scrapbook paper aisle. I found this little gem among the plethora of options. It's a see-through lace pattern. So vintage and fun with enough transparency to enjoy whatever color you decide to paint your letter. I only needed one for my project at a mere half a buck! If your letter is bigger than the scrapbook paper be sure to get enough paper pieces to cover the letter and use a pattern that will accommodate piecing the pattern together seamlessly on top pof the letter. You want full coverage! 

You can get any piece of patterned scrapbook paper you want but make sure there is some transparency to it so when you lay it on your painted letter you can see the color pop through.

When you get home lay down some newspaper and paint your letter. Make sure to paint the inside and edges too. I didn't paint the back of mine, why waste paint? Once it is fully dry take your scrapbook paper, lay it on the letter and cut the paper so it is in the exact same shape as the letter. 

Make sure you cut it too big rather than too small so you can come back and snip the edges that aren't perfectly lined up. If the paper allows for it, pencil the outline of the letter before cutting for a perfect cut. My paper was glossy so pencil nor pen was going to work for me.

When you're done and you have a scrap paper letter just grab some clear double sided tape and tape it on!

I spent about $7 dollars and ended up with this!

Sometimes its on a shelf and sometimes a wall but this time I placed it in my bathroom. I like to decorate each room with a hint of Spring when March comes around.

So easy. So fun.
So crafty!

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