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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Every Season Wall Decor

This is a wall in my bedroom. 

Forgive the not so perfect photos because I am saving up for my fancy canon camera :) In the meantime, you get the idea! This project is so easy Buddy cat could do it. Isn't he a cutie? {Yes I am showing off my big bundle of love. He even has the shape of a heart on his chest in white!!}

I actually have 6 frames but after I got married I decided my bridal bouquet and a picture from the bridal session would look nice on the wall. It's one day that goes by so very fast so I have to figure out creative ways to recall it more often. So I only have four up right now, but it looks really cool when you have two rows of three in a boxed look. 

I found a pic from last Spring so you can see it visually. 

Did you know it only cost me around $40 buckaroos to make the wall pretty like this? With frames at less than $10 a piece and plain ole scrap paper as the picture, making an affordable interchangeable with the seasons wall decor is easy as pie!

I found these 12 x 12 frames on sale at Aaron Brothers. There were several styles so I picked the oak wood. I like anything rustic and country like. 

Now head to the scrap paper aisle and grab some of your favorites! I get one for every season and pick out various styles so I can switch things up whenever I want to. 

One of my many pieces of scrap paper 

You can even go crazy with some glitter covered scrap paper if you want to! Maybe you like black frames or hot pink frames with glitter for a little girls room? Go for it! 

Or you could paint your background a color and lay this lace on top of it letting the color seep through? There are so many options when you have thousands of scrap paper at your disposal. Thank you Michael's!

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