Monday, March 3, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

Want to surprise your friends and family 
with a little St. Paddy's day fun?

Make them a 
Pot of Gold!! 

This one doesn't need much explanation, just look at the pictures and get creative!! 

My Supplies:
1. Glass or Plastic Jars {I just used some small glass jars I got from Michael's}
2. Shamrock Ribbon 
3. Green Burlap or Regular Burlap
4. Skittles and Rolos :) 
5. Felt Shamrock Pieces {I used these to decorate the sides of the jars but you don't have to} 

Separating the skittles is the only tedious part of the project, but if you pop one in your mouth every so often it becomes much more enjoyable ;) 

I decorated the sides with some felt pieces. 

Don't decorate the jar on the front side, you want everyone to see the rainbow and gold at the bottom! 

and don't forget...

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy another one of.....

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