Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring into Easter...

This Easter I decided to make my own mantle decor. Easter seems to get more and more expensive when it comes to buying decorations, but if you can get creative you can make something adorable and keep what's in your wallet! 

I got these cross stitched patterned yellow and teal vases for a $1 a piece at Joann's and the ribbon was on sale at Michael's for 75 cents!!

Then I grabbed a small piece of styrofoam and some of that grass they sell for a couple bucks to fill the vase. 

Now comes the fun part. Head down the Easter/Spring aisle and grab anything you can stick in that styrofoam! 

I found some white coffee berry, colorful eggs, a bunny, an adorable bee and a beautiful butterfly with a clip on it so you can clip it on wherever.

I ended up with these two adorable Easter vases and created them both for less than ten dollars! 

I hope I have inspired some creativity this Easter and may we all remember why we celebrate Easter. His name is Jesus. 

Enjoy the eggs, bunnies and chocolate candy but I hope the fun of the holiday and the newness of Spring will remind you that it is Christ who makes all things new.  

Happy Easter Ya'll! 

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