Step Into The Light 

A Marriage of

Faith and Writing 


My name is Amy Walker. I was raised in the piney woods of East Texas in a town called Texarkana where I got my thick East Texas accent even Texan's comment on. 

I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing at Texas A&M University. I am a 3rd generation Aggie so I was brainwashed from day one and didn't really have a choice, for which I'm grateful. After college my aim was advertising in Dallas, but the good Lord planted my roots in Fort Worth, TX knowing I would adore Fort Wonderful. It's a little bit of city and a lot of country like me!


For the past 15 years I've had a variety of working opportunities in the insurance world and I am currently an Account Manager for Marsh & McClennan Agency in downtown  Fort Worth, TX. I am a single mother of a precious 5 year old named Brady. He has so much personality and keeps me on my toes!   

My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has shaped my life in so many ways. He has shaped how I use my time and resources and has given me a confidence and strength through what has turned out to be a life with a lot of challenges I wasn't expecting. I suppose I had a dream for my life that I decided would be the only way I could have real joy. That dream I would soon find out would need to be reinvented. We often have to let go of what we held so tightly to and allow God to create a new dream for our lives. One thing we are assured though, He replaces beauty for ashes and ultimately turns all our hurt and disappointments around for our good when we walk closely with Him. 


My parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage this December and 56 years of being in love and best friends. Naturally I assumed I'd have this same story but I faced a divorce not just 4 years into marriage with a small child and felt as if my life was over. At my lowest point I had to begin to dig deep to find a way to feel loved after so much rejection. I had to learn about who God says I am and the fact that he is indeed real and cares deeply for every detail of my life. I began to find a new dream, a new sense of purpose and to realize my joy could be found as a single mom. I learned what affects you does not have to infect you and define you. 


Life is hard. People will disappoint you, jobs will come and go, money can suddenly disappear, our health can fail us. Happiness is often tied to what is happening but true joy can never be shaken. HE is where the Joy is! 

As my relationship with God has grown I have found such joy in sharing through written words the beautiful ways God has made a ministry through my misery. Some of my devotionals are personal and some are more of a teaching nature but I hope they encourage you. I pray my thoughts shared by inspiration of the Holy Spirit bring to you the revelation of His heart. My desire is for all people to know the wonder of His love and the power of His presence.


At the end of the day, whatever you decide to read, my prayer is there is a closer walk with God and a renewed sense of peace in your everyday life. 

By His Grace,
            Amy Elizabeth  


As a single woman in her late twenties I began writing about my faith. The Lord seemed to constantly give me analogies that would come alive at the end of my pen. I decided it was important to share what I felt the Spirit was teaching me as I journeyed along the path of sanctification.


I also thought it was necessary to talk about my losses, the ways in which I stumbled in my faith. No one wants to listen to a Saint really, not unless that Saint was first a hot mess you could relate to! People tend to understand and sympathize with the wounded, the scared and the one's far from perfection but who still chase after sincere faith and find God at the end of their rope. A God who is faithful even when we are faithless. 

It is my hope that you are inspired, encouraged and challenged should you have stumbled upon my written pieces. I know the internet is full of incredible authors who take a seat much closer to the stage of Christian literature than I. You most likely won't see a book with my name and picture on it for a while, but its coming! However, for now, perhaps I have something to contribute to the world through these simple writings. 



Although maybe small in my influential scope, to me it is the single soul I might spur on in the faith that makes it all worth it.  Who knows though, maybe this is the beginning of something greater. Oh I don't want fame, but to aspire to reach a larger audience for the glory of God, that's a noble and virtuous goal. God has a way of taking those faithful in the little and giving them more. So here I am with my little website and my little devotionals. 


One of my favorite quotes says it best....


                          "Never Despise Meager Beginnings" 

By His Grace,
            Amy Elizabeth 


308 Mariscal Pl Fort Worth, TX 76131


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